Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Digital Promotions Generate Exposure, Entice Customers, and Boost Your ROI

Digital promotions give you valuable exposure to your market without burdening you with the exorbitant costs associated with traditional advertising. You can leverage them to tap into a large consumer audience in order to promote your brand and products. The incentives can be used to educate people about your products, lift sales, and generate intense customer loyalty.

For example, digital promotions such as online gift certificates and customer loyalty programs can reward people for purchasing your product. That strengthens their loyalty to your brand. It improves the likelihood that they will continue buying your product in the future. Likewise, free music download promotions can entice people to try your brand. Whether you're promoting video games, clothes, or sporting equipment, every demographic loves music.

Digital promotions are a powerful marketing tool because they leverage a low-cost platform to deliver high-impact incentives to a hungry market. That provides an enormous boost to your ROI. Below, you'll discover the three top reasons to integrate digital promotions into your marketing strategy. You'll also learn one of the most unique advantages of using them.

3 Reasons To Leverage Digital Promotions

To be sure, digital promotions can lift product sales and drive brand awareness. They can also bridge the gap between you and your target audience, so you can educate them about the benefits of buying your products. But, it's important to highlight why digital promotions are so effective.

First, they are distributed online. That eliminates most, if not all, of the production and distribution cost. After all, what is the cost of emailing gift certificates to your customers? What is the cost of allowing consumers to download music and play instant win games on their mobile devices?

Second, digital promotions can be customized to fit your products, brand, and target market. For example, would you like to improve brand awareness by connecting your products to a big-box retailer? Would you like to target fans of jazz music? Would you like to give customers who have spent $200 on your products a "30% off" coupon? A solution can be tailor-made for your company.

Third, digital promotions offer a robust level of tracking capability. You can measure your redemption rate and determine which incentives are most likely to generate a response in the future. You can also identify which consumers are actually buying your products down the road. If they are not buying, remove them from your list.

Tracking Results From Your Digital Promotions

Being able to track the results of your digital promotions gives you an enormous level of control over your marketing. It gives you unique, detailed insight into what works - and what does not - for your market.

For example, suppose you're leveraging music download promotions to market an exclusive line of dress shoes. By tracking your metrics, you might discover that fans of country music are far more likely to buy your shoes than fans of other types of music. With that information, you can refine your digital promotions to specifically target country music fans.

This same level of tracking can be used to hone your mobile promotions and skins promotions. For example, you might find that consumers who redeem mobile coupons to certain big-box retailers are more likely to buy your products than those who frequent other stores. Or, you might discover that a specific age group is more receptive to your skins promotions. That demographic may provide far more brand exposure.

How Digital Promotions Attract Valuable Consumer Data

Savvy marketers and advertisers know the inherent value of a consumer database. The more points of data categorized within their database, the more tightly they can target specific market segments. They can design their promotions based on certain demographics, past purchase history, or response rates within various product categories.

Digital promotions give you the same opportunity to collect data from your audience. In fact, it's less costly and less complex than doing so through traditional marketing channels. If you intend to email gift certificates, you'll need consumers to provide their email addresses. If you're launching mobile promotions, you'll need them to provide their mobile numbers. And if you're letting consumers download free music, you can ask them to provide information about themselves prior to redemption.

Imagine the marketing flexibility you'll enjoy when you combine the tracking capability of digital promotions with a perpetually expanding consumer database. You'll be able to hone your future digital promotions and personalize them to individual recipients. In doing so, you'll trigger a larger response from each market segment.

Digital promotions remove the largest obstacles advertisers face in reaching a broad consumer market. You can leverage them to improve awareness of your brand, drive ongoing product sales, and dramatically boost your ROI.

--Cyndi Walker, Promotional Currency

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